on orders of $125.00 or more

If the regularly priced items in your order total $125. or more,
Your order AUTOMATICALLY SHIPS FREE by PRIORITY MAIL in the United States!

Items with this designation symbol are not eligible:
(Products that require larger than MED RATE PRIORITY BOX ex: Certain quantities & sizes of Bulk empty Flip Top Tubes may require a UPS rate from Caravan Beads)


I found out today (08-09-17) to ship one tube of beads on backorder will now cost us $2.61 to send when it was $1.19. RIDICULOUS! I'm not sure the solution yet but this may affect how we handle orders as listed below.

  • We do not inventory every single MIYUKI product listed here in Fox Den's Web Store. We have a drop ship program set up with Caravan Beads for MIYUKI FULL & HALF Factory Packs and any other products we may not stock or have in stock [that they carry] at the time of your order placement. There is NO MINIMUM requirement to order from FOX DEN BEADS! But FOX DEN BEADS has a $50.00 min purchase requirement with CARAVAN BEADS to have them ship your order directly to you for us . We will still be Happy to add your Bead Needs to our regularly placed orders with them, it just may add 3-5 business days to get the items in at the Fox Den Beads & sent off to you. This chart will give you an idea of what we have inventoried so far in Retail Tubes only:
I am trying to get the availability of all the beads we don't presently stock the full line, recorded so you know exactly what we have. It's a lot! And growing!

  • For one FLAT RATE shipping charge, or FREE if you qualify, we will get your needed items to you! This may mean your order will be arriving in more than 1 package coming from Fox Den Beads, Caravan Beads or both of us. We will contact you by email to let you know how your order will be arriving.

  • BACK ORDERS: The bulk of your order will ship by the means you selected during checkout. If there is a back order that needs to be sent it will be sent by First Class Mail at no additional charge. If we need to find your item from a third party (which we are always Happy to do for you!) we may need to hold part of your order until we get the item(s) in so only 2 shipments are required of us. Our FLAT RATE will only cover 2 shipments per order. A 3rd package will or may incur an additional shipping charge depending on circumstance. We can always hold & send an item that may take longer than you'd like, with your next order. We will always do our best to accommodate what is BEST FOR YOU!

  • Please plan your super important projects with time to spare us finding everything you need. We don’t want you to be disappointed! The number of MIYUKI products imported into the US has grown tremendously over the past couple/few years and still is(!) with Thanks to Caravan Beads, but this also means we’ve seen a higher back order rate due to importers trying to keep so many more products in stock at all times. It can often take MONTHS before MIYUKI manufactures a certain style/color/or finish from the time an importer places an order and they travel from Japan to the US. Artist Quality Beads take time but are worth it! Please inquire if something you need may be hard to attain.

  • IMPORTANT: We acknowledge EVERY ORDER by EMAIL (typically within 1-4 business hours M-F but it can take up to 24 hours – excluding weekends) to let you know how/when your items will be sent, if we are out of stock, or need clarification from you. PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL to be sure we don’t have a question we need you to answer before we can process or ship your order. Your order will remain ON HOLD until we hear back from you. FOX DEN is located in the Mountains of NC. We rarely get clear uninterrupted phone call conversations when we are talking to someone on a cell phone. (My personal cell phone won't even connect a call in our location unless I drive to town) This is why we need you to consider EMAIL the BEST WAY TO CONTACT US PLEASE.

  • INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS PLEASE NOTE we hope you understand we can only ship your order in 1 package when we have all of your items gathered complete if need be. We will let you know our progress. If an item will take too long for us to get in we can always hold it for you and send in your next order with us. We’re sorry we cannot offer you our FREE Shipping program but we will include some way to THANK YOU for shopping with us. Please also note we have learned over the years how to safely squeeze as many tubes of Beads in your package to make the most of the ridiculous prices we are all charged. If you'd like us to let you know if we can fit anything else in your package before we seal it please just ask in the comment box during checkout or respond to your order confirmation email. We are Happy to accommodate!